Why are you doing this?
Because I want to level up in the Marathon Maniac & Half Fanatic Double Agents. And because I like running with friends.

Why are you only offering Halfs and not Fulls?
Because I have to get to work. And by offering Halfs, runners can then use the Seattle Quadzilla to get their Fulls in. If this works out, we might offer more options next year.

Can I cancel / transfer my registration?
No. You didn't pay anything so you don't get anything back. As a matter of fact, you owe us Finish Line food for even asking this question.

Are there photos?
I know a photographer who wants to take your pictures but he also wants to run all four races. Trying to figure this out.

Can I register day of race?
Probably if I can figure it out. Day of race registration would cost more (no more than $10) and require a hug to a volunteer

Do these races count towards the Half Fanatics and Double Agents?
If we match the Half Fanatic Criteria, then yes, these count. The main criteria we risk not meeting is the 20 starters and 15 finishers. Help us make that happen by inviting your friends, especially to the races on Monday and Tuesday.
You can see what Half Fanatic Moon you will reach here and what Double-Agent mountain you can reach here.

Why are there only 8 races total and not 9 (including the Wednesday before Thanksgiving)?
Because 7 ate 9. And because 9 doesn't exist in the Maniac or Fanatic vocabulary.



See the Seattle Quadzilla website for details on those 4 races.